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Scientists RE-CREATE the DNA of The DINOSAURS

Scientists Re-Create the DNA of Dinosaurs

Scientists Re create Dinosaurs's DNA

Researchers at the University of Kent say their groundbreaking studies unlock one in all the best mysteries regarding the prehistoric monsters – why they came in such varied sizes and shapes. It is conjointly aforesaid the team’s work can justify however dinosaurs were able to be the foremost dominant species on Earth for nearly two hundred million years. Professor Darren mythical creature, UN agency junction rectifier the analysis, aforesaid they were able to contrive the creatures’ ordination by finding out the desoxyribonucleic acid of their nighest living relatives, turtles and birds. It is believed that dinosaurs were therefore varied in their appearances as a result of they'd immensely additional chromosomes than humans possess. Professor mythical creature explained: "We suppose it generates variation. Having plenty of chromosomes permits dinosaurs to shuffle their genes around rather more than alternative kinds of animals. “This shuffling implies that dinosaurs will evolve additional quickly then facilitate them survive farewell because the planet modified.” Dr Rebekah added: "The fossil proof and currently our proof reinforces the concept that instead of birds and dinosaurs being distant relatives, they're one within the same. "The birds around North American nation these days square measure dinosaurs." But sadly for geological period Park fans, the team has no plans to try to bring T-Rex back to life. Professor mythical creature told the BBC: "We don't seem to be attending to have geological period Park anytime before long. "If you are taking the desoxyribonucleic acid of a chicken associated place it into associate ostrich egg you will not find yourself with a chicken or an ostrich. you may find yourself with nothing. a similar would be true of a maniraptor or a T-Rex It simply would not work.”.


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