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Alien Skull Found on Mars

Skull which may belong to Aliens was found on Mars by UFO hunters. They also believe this belonged to ''Martian Male Warrior''. This is not the first time such object was found on Mars. The photo was posted by UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY. However, NASA rejected the claim the rock is just a meteorite impact crater that has been left in the unusual form by later erosion.  Skull has an antenna on it. This odd impression like eyes may have been formed by wind.
Or it just what our mind want to see.

Pyramid On Moon

UFO hunters gave a shocking claim about finding a Pyramid like object on Moon.
They believed this is a secret alien base on the lunar surface.
The video was uploaded and got many views.
The coordinates of the Pyramid like a triangle on Moon are 20 ° 48'45.54 "N 25 ° 59'50.89" W.
Many believed NASA is hiding this.
Video Link:
pyramid on Moon Video

"Hitler Returns" Poster in Peru

In a town in Peru, the Posters nowadays read"Hitler Returns" as Hitler Alba is running for mayor against Lenin.

He says he is not that Hitler but he is a good Hitler. His father named him without knowing who Hitler was in history. Though he didn't change his name.

Alien Like Jellyfish in Auckland

An Alien Like Creature was found by a Britsh visitor in Auckland. After inspection, it was found that it is Lion's Mane Jellyfish rare of its type.

Adam was visiting with his wife and kids. They eventually found this rare species. He said he never saw such in last nine years of his experience.

They are usually found in English Sea, Irish Sea, Scandinavia.

It is the first time that they had been found in Auckland, Experts say.

Its tentacles can stretch to 100ft in water.

It stings are rarely fatal, however, if someone is exposed to a large number of tentacles he must seek medical advice.

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Triangle Shaped UFO or TR-3 Black Manta?

The Mysterious Triangle Shaped UFO was Captured accidentally by a person traveling in his car.

The anonymous supply was driving once he noticed one thing uncommon within the skies on top of El Paso, Texas. He forces out his phone to record, and once he checked it out later he was left surprised by the footage. It shows what seems to be a triangular-shaped craft hovering on top of him.
This is thought to be the best UFO video ever.

Many people believe this was the secret TR-3 Black Manta by US Military on the secret surveillance mission. This video has already earned many hits on Youtube.

12000 Year Old Tunnel between Turkey and Scotland

There are many Underground Tunnels stretching across Europe but these 12000 years old Underground Tunnels are ancient mysteries which suggest ancient people were far more advanced than we are and had more knowledge.

Ancient People from Europe Started migrating to other places 12000 years ago.No one knows how these tunnels were made like do those people had such huge machinery like we use today to dig tunnels or make huge buildings?. like the ancient people did make these tunnels, Pyramids, Stonehenge and many other glorious works of those people.

Researchers say the purpose of these tunnels was same to modern day highways . These tunnels were the faster way of communicating between cities.

These Tunnels were made in Zig-Zag manner to avoid breaking pressure of Earth.

For more reading about these Tunnels Go to This Link:

Tore zur Unterwelt (German) Hardcover – 2009

Tore zur Unterwelt2009

Strange Anti-Gravity

Strange Phenomena Show Anti Gravity? Supernatural force?

Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

Our Universe is Full of mind-blowing facts. There are a lot of mysteries out there which our mind cannot bear to accept. Here is a list of few mind-blowing amazing facts about the universe.know to watch the video, please

50000 years old wolf remains found in Canada

Oldest Animal Body It was found during digging in Canada and was sent to Paleontologists for study in 2016.

Now they have finally announced this animal remain is 50000 years old wolf mummy and

preserved by weather condition. It had intact fur and muscle tissue.

ISS Leak: Russia Claims Man Made

ISS Leak: Russia Claims Man Made.

A leak was found by astronauts at ISS which was causing loss of oxygen on 30 Aug. At first, it was thought this was due to meteorite hit to ISS but Russia rejected saying it was man-made and drill sign was found.

Strange Clouds in Las Vegas Nevada

Strange Cloud formation in Las Vegas Nevada

A Worm Found in Rubbish Tip Will be Sent to Space

This worm found in a rubbish bin will be sent to ISS by UK's team.

Worm to be sent to Space A SPECIES of worm found in a very rubbish tip is blasted into the area within the UK's 1st experiment at the International artificial satellite. many one mm long roundworms are embarked on orbit by scientists hoping to investigate their rate of spaceflight-induced muscle loss.

Spaceflight is associate degree extreme surroundings that cause several negative health changes to the body and astronauts will lose up to forty % of their muscle when six months in the area.

The health impact is viewed by scientists as associate degree example of the aging method on earth - and will even facilitate improve treatment of polygenic disease.

The UK area Agency, primarily based in Swindon, Wilts., found the species living in a very rubbish basketball shot urban center. they need since bred additional thus their square measure enough of the creatures to send into orbit.

The tiny nematodes are sent to …

Hurricane Florence Hits the Capital City Wilmington

Hurricane Florence Update AS cyclone Florence batters North geographic region and also the "very destructive" Super hurricane Manghkut gets set to slam the Philippines with 205mph winds, considerations ar growing over the intensity of world storms. Is it too late to prevent them from happening?

A leading knowledgeable warned class half-dozen hurricanes caused by temperature change ar set to become a reality within the not too distant future; a incontrovertible fact that doesn't appear unlikely given the fierce winds and flash flooding happening in North geographic region immediately as cyclone Florence created landfall nowadays.

5 Great Scientists Who Never Won a Noble Prize

5 Great Scientists Who Never Won a Noble Prize.

















Sabre-Toothed Tiger footprints discovered in Argentina

Sabre-Toothed Tiger footprints discovered in Argentina.

A rare Sabre toothed tiger/cat or Smilodon footprints were uncovered in a region of Argentina Miramar 450 km to the capital Buenos Aires.

The Animal was great predator and had canines up to 10 inches long.It weigh about 300kg.It is rare discovery else before scientists never found the footprints of such specie.

Watch The video below

Japan Building Space Elevator

Japan is Building Space Elevator.When completed its Speed will be 200 km/h and cost 7 billion Euro.

It will be build by 2050

Asteroid Approaching Earth with speed of 32000km/h

According to NASA an enormous Asteroid whose size is greater than Great Pyramid of Giza
is approaching towards earth with the speed of 32 thousand kilometer per hour.

Asteroid is Currently 0.3 Astronomical Units away from Earth.

Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and Sun.Like

1AU=Distance Between Sun and Earth

NASA is making compulsory arrangements to avoid Earth from such potentially lethal Asteroids.
A report containing 18 pages was submitted to White House with the title
"National Near Earth Object Preparedness and Action Plan" which contains 5 ways to prevent from Asteroids

Enhance Detection and Tracking of Near Earth AsteroidsImprovement of modeling,prediction and integrationNew ways to deflect asteroids hitting toward EarthGlobal Co-operationIn fifth objective US government is asked to come up with a national plan 
In 1906 Siberia was hit by largest asteroid of the history but fortunately there were no reports of deaths because of the large uninhabited are…

Russia Trying to Bring back Extinct Animals

A research facility is being settled in a region of Russia by Vladimir Putin at 4th Economic Eastern Forum which aims to study the remains and clone extinct animals like woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, cave lion and breeds of long-gone horses of old times.

The investment sought for this project is 5.9Million USD.

The animals which could weight 6000 kg have been disappeared from that territory about 4 thousands years ago.

About 80% of the samples of the extinct animals with preserved tissue have been found in this region Siberia .  

5.7 Million Years old Human footprints in Crete

Human Evolution: Previously the oldest discovered human footprints were 3.5 millions year old and were discovered from Laetoli, Tanzania.which suggested human evolved since 3.5 millions years ago in Euthopia.
But recently new footprints were discovered in Crete which archaeologists says to be older than 5.7 million years.This suggest that either Africa was not the birthplace of humans or they migrated from Africa to Crete,Greece,Europe.
Scientists had already believed that humans originated in Africa and remained there for millions of years before heading out towards Europe and Asia.

 This discovery challenges the previous ideas of human evolution.

NASA asteroid WARNING: THREE giant asteroids coming toward Earth in THREE DAYS

THREE monstrous asteroids barrelling towards Earth can come back perilously about to the world early next week, National Aeronautics and Space Administration has warned.
The asteroids can skim the world between Sunday, September a pair of, and Monday, September three.

The area rocks square measure calculable to live between 177ft (54m) and a pair of,690 linear unit (820m) in diameter, at most, which means a minimum of 2 of them square measure “potentially venturous asteroids” (PHAs).

PHAs square measure asteroids no smaller than 459ft (140m) that approach the world at intervals zero.05 Astronomical Units (au) or regarding six.45 million miles (7.5 million km).

The first of the 3 asteroids, dubbed asteroid 2001 RQ17, can whizz by on Sunday

The United States of America area agency estimates the asteroid’s diameter is somewhere within the 262.5ft (80m) to 590.5ft (180m) vary.

The higher size estimate would create the asteroid larger than the imposing St Paul’s Cathedral in London and al…

UFO or Meteor? Strange Fireball in Sky Over Australia

UFO or Meteor? Strange Fireball in Sky Over Australia.

This strange fireball was captured by many people.It looks like a Meteor

It happened in Perth Australia and people were amazed and confused.Few people were happy to

see the phenomona.

Strange Lights over San Diego

UFO OVER SAN DIEGO?Mysterious Lights were spotted over city in San Diego by citizens.It sparked UFO Invasion.A set of 12 mysterious lights were spotted and nobody could clearly explain about them.
Watch the video posted on Internet.

 Several Thousand people watched and posted on the Internet.