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Asteroid Approaching Earth with speed of 32000km/h

A large Asteroid Headed towards Earth,illustration
According to NASA an enormous Asteroid whose size is greater than Great Pyramid of Giza
is approaching towards earth with the speed of 32 thousand kilometer per hour.

Asteroid is Currently 0.3 Astronomical Units away from Earth.

Close Approach:Image Credit NASA

Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and Sun.Like

1AU=Distance Between Sun and Earth

NASA is making compulsory arrangements to avoid Earth from such potentially lethal Asteroids.
A report containing 18 pages was submitted to White House with the title
"National Near Earth Object Preparedness and Action Plan"
which contains 5 ways to prevent from Asteroids

  1. Enhance Detection and Tracking of Near Earth Asteroids
  2. Improvement of modeling,prediction and integration
  3. New ways to deflect asteroids hitting toward Earth
  4. Global Co-operation
  5. In fifth objective US government is asked to come up with a national plan 

In 1906 Siberia was hit by largest asteroid of the history but fortunately there were no reports of deaths because of the large uninhabited area of Russia.

This graphic depicts the spatial extent of the damage if an asteroid measuring roughly 100 feet (30 meters) wide were to hit New York City. An asteroid that size famously exploded over Siberia on June 30, 1908. Known as the Tunguska event, this was the largest asteroid impact in recorded history.
Credit: National Science & Technology Council


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