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Antarctic Ice Shelf Sings ''Ice Song''

Scientists studying the Ross Ice Shelf of Antarctica have reported that The wind lashing the upper end of Ice Shelf creates an ''Ice Song'' which is un-audible to human beings but not to the technology.

The recording below is 1200 times faster than actual one so we could get the idea of this natural ice song.

We can hear the sound within the frequency range of 20-2000Hz but the Ice Shelf sings at the frequency of 4 or 5 cycles per second or 5Hz.

34 seismic detectors were buried beneath the surface of the blanket of the deep snow, known as the firn layer, by a team from the Colorado State University, which insulates the ice below.

They left the sensor for three years and analyzed the slow seismic hum produced by wind lashing against the upper layer of Ice Shelf.

Stephen Hawking's Final Book gives brief Answers to Big Questions

Stephen Hawking's final work was launched by his children on Monday which discuss issues from Existence of God to Time Travel and other big questions. His children completed his final book after he died last year.

Stephen started his book last year to answer the common question which he encountered many times from public. The title of the book is ''Brief Answers to Big Questions''.

His daughter, Lucy Hawking, said he was regularly asked for such question and this book contains his clear and most authentic answers. We all wish he was here to see it published, she added.

What are these big questions and what did he write answers to them?

Is there a God?How Did it All Began?What is inside a black hole?Can we predict the future?Is Time Travel possible?Will we survive on Earth?Is there any other intelligent life in Universe?Should we colonize space?How do we shape the future?Multiple challenges Stephen Hawking says the simplest explanation is that God does not exist and…

Russia to send manned Soyuz again on 28th November

Russia may resume manned space flights to ISS despite the failure in the recent week.

Interfax news agency said on Sunday that Russia may send the human flight to ISS again in next month probably on November 28th.

A few days ago Russian and American astronauts were rescued from a failed Soyuz flight to ISS, in Kazakhstan. Flight failed within the 2 minutes after the launch.

Russian space agency ROSCOSMOS has not posted any comment on Interfaz agency's news report. Yet it said on Friday they still have planned to go ahead with next manned flight in December.

The Ultra Black Room for Gaming

The Ultra Black room is created for gaming where your sensation about space-time may be lost. you may have the impression of falling down into black space in every step you take.

It feels nothingness like a hole in black space. Step into the room and world disappears, only you and the game.

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NASA's Chandra Space Telescopes went into safe mode

In less than a week after the failure of Hubble Space Telescope, NASA's Chandra Telescope also went into safe mode probably because of gyroscope problem.
Is it just a coincidental or something really strange happening there?
NASA reported on Friday that its Chandra Telescope automatically went into safe mood on Wednesday.
Hubble is sending data for 28 years while Chandra X-ray Observatory is on a mission for the last 19 years to observe cosmos in different wavelengths and send data back to Earth. Flight controllers are working to continue operation as soon as possible.
NASA said it is coincidental that both Telescopes went into sleep mode one after a week another.
Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, works for Chandra, from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said in a tweet  Chandra decided that if Hubble could have a little vacation, it wanted one, too  Sent into space by shuttles,  Hubble and Chandra are NASA's precious gifts. Both intended to observe the cosmos and work…

Mysterious Signal from Alien Galaxies

An observatory in Australia has detected has detected a huge number of mysterious signals from deep space.

These signals are confirmed to be ''Fast Radio Burst'' which may be coming from an Advanced Alien civilization which is trying to connect with other species in Universe, Or these may be coming from black holes or blasts from the deep space.

About 19 FRBs were detected and they were closest to Earth and brightest ever. The first FRB was detected in 2007.

FRBs are brief about a millisecond long emission of radio light which can contain as much energy as our sun produces in 100 years.

The source of such radio emissions is a topic of debate. Few researchers believe they may be coming from advance aliens species trying to contact with other species in the universe. Other believe such signals come from huge blasts in deep space such as neutron star collision.

Dr. Ryan Shannon, from Swinburne University of Technology and the OzGrav ARC Centre of Excellence said
“We’ve f…

Soyuz Rocket Carrying Astronauts Malfunctioned

A Russian made Soyuz MS-10 rocket was carrying two astronauts to the international space station. But after few minutes of departure, there happened some anomaly and emergency landing had to be done.

The Soyuz rocket and Soyuz MS-10 capsule lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan in the morning of 1Octoberer,  carrying a crew of two astronauts Nick Hague of the US and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin of Russia.

An emergency pod safely sent astronauts to back Earth and Russian team is in search to find them. The capsule fell 20 kilometers east of Dzhekzkazgan.NASA reportedly said that the astronauts have been secured and yet they haven't figured out the malfunctioning in Soyuz rocket.

NASA is providing live commentary on NASA live TV which you can watch here

NASA has also confirmed that the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS has already created the commission to find out the anomaly.

This launch failure follows another issue of Soyuz when a small leak on oxygen container which led de…

The Mystery of ISS leak

A leak was found on Russian made Soyuz MS-09 Spacecraft on International Space Station by Astronauts which caused loss of oxygen on 30 Aug. First, it was thought it was due to a Meteorite hit to ISS but Russia rejected saying this leak was man-made.

Recently NASA's head Jim Bridenstine said that investigations will be done soon to determine the cause of leak to ISS which caused a brief deficiency of Oxygen to astronauts there. He also rejected the rumor that the U.S is trying to pull back Russia from ISS.

He further added;
"I strongly believe we're going to get the right answer to what caused the hole on the International Space Station and that together we'll be able to continue our strong collaboration,What we've got to do is we've got to very dispassionately allow the investigation to go forward without speculation, without rumor, without innuendo, without conspiracy." Russian agency said they will not accept any mythical reason until solid proof given…

Voyager 2 Entering Interstellar Space

NASA's Voyager spacecraft has detected an increasing amount of cosmic rays. About 5% increase is detected by the sensor on Voyager to compared to last month.

Cosmic rays come from outer space which means Voyager 2 is ready to enter into Interstellar space soon. The same increase in cosmic rays was detected by Voyager 1 before it entered into Interstellar space, but it took more than three months to enter into interstellar space after detection. NASA is expecting more exposure to cosmic rays by Voyager 2.

Voyager 2 is probably at the rim of the heliosphere and will exit it soon. Since 2007 the Voyager 2 is in the outer rim of the heliosphere.

Voyager 2 started its journey in 1997 from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory based in California. Since then it has traveled 11 billion miles ( 17.7 billion kilometers ) from Earth, more than 118 times the distance between Earth and the Sun.

Voyager Project Scientist Ed Stone said
"We're seeing a change in the environment around V…

Imran Khan Latest Speech to Nation

Imran Khan is the prime minister of Pakistan. He is one of the most likable people in the country. He won the 2018 election with a huge margin. His struggle for new Pakistan begins in 1997 when he created his party PTI ( Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf) which means
Movement for Justice
Imran Khan is struggling very best to Eliminate Corruption, Poverty and other evils in Pakistani society. The nation is supporting him to bring good in Pakistan. He stood for the rights of poor and lower people of Pakistan. He builds Pakistan's first cancer treatment hospital name Shokat Khanam after his mother who died of cancer.

Here is his latest address to the nation.

Human flights to ISS will begin in 2019

NASA has confirmed that manned space flight will be carried by SpaceX and Boeing in the mid of 2019.SpaceX rocket for ISS will depart in June 2019 while Boeing spacecraft will go in August 2019.
It will be the first US mission since the retirement of the shuttle in 2011.NASA's astronauts are currently using Russian made Soyuz spacecraft and its contract will end in June 2019.NASA said on 4th of the October that it will give monthly updates 

Phil McAlister who is the director of commercial flights in NASA said in Blog that 

New Updates schedule is better but launch schedule may be uncertainHe also said these are new spacecraft and lot of engineering work has to be done before take off.

Back in 2014 both the SpaceX and Boeing received $6.8bn from NASA to build spacecraft that will take humans to ISS.

Boeing has said they will be ready for Orbital Flight Test in March 2019.
The Success of this manned space shuttle will be a great achievement of the commercial space industry, and NASA will …

Cold Weather Warning

The sun has currently entered a “deep star minimum” currently and Earth might be certain a really long amount of cold temperatures.

The sun follows cycles of roughly eleven years wherever it reaches a star most so a star minimum.

During a star most, the sun offers off additional heat and is affected by sunspots. Less heat in an exceeding star minimum is because of a decrease in magnetic waves.

Scientists are adamant we have a tendency to are currently coming into the star minimum as a part of the sun’s atmosphere is shrinking.

This happens on every occasion the sun changes cycle – once it enters a star minimum, the layer contracts, and through a star most it expands to grant higher protection against star rays.

Website area Weather states: “The sun is coming into a deep star Minimum, and Earth's higher atmosphere is responding.

“Data from NASA's regular satellite show that the layer (the upmost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, virtually decreasing the…

Orionids Meteor Shower 2018

The Orionids are one in every of the foremost active meteor showers of the year with regarding twenty meteors visible per hour throughout their peak - however once is that the best time to look at and the way does one read them with the naked eye?

The annual atmospheric phenomenon happens each Gregorian calendar month sometimes peaking between Gregorian calendar month twenty and twenty one, consistent with

Originating from Halley’s extraterrestrial object, the shooting stars get their name from the constellation Orion from wherever they seem to radiate.

Aside from the Eta Aquarids, the Orionids are the sole mud matter from Hailey’s extraterrestrial object viewed from Earth each year.

This year's Orionid shower has already begun and can last till the primary week of Nov.

The peak of the 2018 atmospheric phenomenon are long between Sunday, Gregorian calendar month twenty one and weekday, October 22.

Disappointingly, National Aeronautics and {space Administration|NA…

Alien Sign found On Earth?

Researchers from university, New York, believe uncountable years of evolution on Earth will facilitate notice life on alien worlds.

By wanting back at over five hundred million years of the Earth’s plant-life history, we tend to might higher perceive distant livable  exoplanets.

The emergence of flora on Earth was an important part within the processes that reworked the rocky planet into one wherever life may thrive.

The same processes on exoplanets might be equally chargeable for harboring and sustaining alien life.

The key to the current is that the alleged “vegetation red edge” – a method by that a inexperienced planet reflects high amounts of infrared emission.

Lisa Kaltenegger, Associate in Nursing uranologist United Nations agency co-authored a study on the subject, aforementioned Earth’s history of vegetation is that the best example of this.

The professional said: “Looking at however life altered Earth’s biosignatures over time helps United States of America decipher that pla…

Time Traveller from 2028 gives warning

In a video broadcast on the YouTube channel Paranormal Elite, Noah –who failed to disclose his cognomen – claims that he risked his life to travel back in time to warn those who the technology exists.

The so-call time individual said: “I am not making an attempt to deceive anyone, my sole objective is to sway you that point travel exists which I, myself, am a time individual.

“First of all, time travel became attainable within the year 2003, it's solely employed by classified organizations. the flexibility to time travel won't be discharged to the general public till 2028.”

Noah claims that owing to his years of your time travel, he's full of eating disorder and depression.

The same that he has taken medicine to bring back his immature appearance, however, insists that he's fifty years-of-age.
Noah added: “In 2028, the organizations can admit that point travel is real so it'll be receptive the general public.

“In 2021, there'll be a very well-liked device, nea…

End Of The World And Return Of Jesus

The end of the planet is ready to start in 2021 and can culminate within the come back of Hebrew by 2028, in line with a deceased pastor who foretold the apocalypse.

Dr. F Kenton Beshore, former president of the planet Bible Society, World Health Organization died in 2016, left behind a series of books during which he foretold the upcoming come back of Christ.

The late theologist claims there have been signs throughout the Bible that purpose to the approaching apocalypse.

For example, he believes that 2 world wars among a century and also the birth of Israel were the start of the top.
In his book ‘When: once can the Rapture Take Place?’, the theologist writes: "The parable of the tree could be a prophecy of the rebirth of the state of Israel.”

He explains: "The Greek phrase 'panta tauta' that's translated 'all these things' refers to the start of birth pains (Matthew 24:8).

“Jesus was spoken language, in effect, that after you see the birth pains – war I…