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Rushaan Farrukh,24, Commits Suicide

Studying at the Beaconhouse National University(BUN) in her 5th semester (fine arts) this beautiful lady committed suicide due to depression and nobody step forward to stop her while she was standing on the 4th floor of the University building and most tragic is everyone thought she is doing some stunt, she's attention seeker and took their phones to record this.

This tragic incidence happened in Lahore, Pakistan. The lady left a note on Instagram and there is her recording also.

rushaan farrukh commits suicide
Rushaan Farrukh on Instagram

She wrote on Instagram before she died;
Hey so if i kill myself anytime soon just remeber me like this. Just in this saree(dress), on a Spring afternoon looking so happy,too happy. Jo bhi(whatever) give me saree puns.
She was depressed and let her few friends in shock.  Depression is real guys. Daily, Hundred of people around the world take their life. Take care of the people around you. Talk to them. Ask them if everything is okay?.

Your few kind words can change much. Be kind in a world where you can be anything. Pain is real, everyone feels it. Help if you can.

With a broken heart, I want to tell you that today another beautiful soul left us. Depression devoured yet another one of us. Quite mercilessly and ruthlessly this time. Rushaan Farrukh just passed away. May God bless her soul. (Ameen)

All those reading this please take. care of yourselves and monitor people around you loved ones or acquaintances. I t might take a few moments of your lives to give someone a life. Go and check up on people you know and people you don’t know. Acting aloof and robotic is not cool. Often times we know someone is suffering but still don’t make an effort deliberately thinking :

  • What can I change?
  • I hardly know her/him.
  • She has so many friends. I’m sure they can take care of her.
  • It would be so awkward if I reach out to him.
  • But she looks so happy all the time. I don’t believe it.
  • I'm not a psychiatrist. Only a professional can help her.
  • She doesn’t need me.
  • My own problems are bigger than hers.
  • This is not how depression looks like.
  • I don’t think so she’s depressed. She wears too much makeup.
  • Men don’t get depression.
  • She has never even said ‘Hi’ to me. Why should I?
  • She does it for attention. I’m telling you I know her better than you do.
  • She has brought this upon herself.
  • She doesn’t need friends. She is the introvert type’
  • She is weird.I’m not going to sit next to her.
  • Her condition is going to affect my own mental health. Sorry, I can’t be the one.
  • She is oversensitive.

Same goes for another gender.
Break these barriers and feel no shyness in reaching out to those in need around you. You never know the impact you’re going make on someone’s life. People often appear happier than they actually are. Remember not everyone who wears a smile is happy. Some people are just good at this art called camouflaging. Depression is real and it is everywhere. You just need to open your heart to see it.


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