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Asteroid on its way to strike earth reported by NASA,

According to NASA an asteroid as larger as two story house named Asteroid 2018 WN. This giant space mainstay is anticipated to skim past Earth advancing to our planet when it zip past at 11.49am GMT. Though NASA astronomers have  calculated the is not on an a route to  smash our world, its disparaging potential is however is overwhelming

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists presume the asteroid lies somewhere in the range of 12m to 28m

Asteroid 2018 WN may not curse the end of life on earth as we know, but  the lower end of NASA’s evaluate spells possible threat to profoundly inhibited areas

After the 2013 incident in which more 1000 suffer from injuries when a 65ft wide space rock break out over the Russian City, Chelyabinsk

The follow on impact traumatized windows, sending wrecks of glass into victim’s bodies

According to Dr Matija Cuk Cornell University, New York, the effects of smaller asteroid are rare and there are no known case of then being deadly
“ Regarding smaller meteorites that hit the ground, they are not lethal and they didn’t kill anyone yet not even by small meteorites, said by space expert
In 1911 in Nakhla, Egypt a dog was killed by meteorite and there was also possible material damage
“Still, traffic, pollution and even lightening are much damaging than small meteor

Astronomers recently known the presence of hidden asteroid in our galaxy- some of which post a threat to life on earth
University of Madrid researchers  tried to calculate the prospect of huge asteroid fragmenting into smaller pieces which will bash our planet
The product of catastrophic collision are near impossible to track because of their untidy pre-impact orbit
And if an massive asteroid made a trajectory with earth it would leave no time to abandon those in the firing line

The researchers write; “Asteroids may transport meteorites to the inner planet when their path encounter of the planets at the appropriate time, leading to an influence
Meteorites collected after the observation of bright fireballs have occasionally been uncertainly traced back to the near earth object population or collisional event in the main asteroid belt

The scientist debated a current impact by an object named 2018 LA, between 9 to 12ft wide, which hit earth just hours after detection

The asteroid strike Earth’s atmosphere at 38,000 mph, causing horrible fireball streak across the sky over Botswana
According to Lindley Johnson, NASA Planetary Defense Officer “This was a much smaller object than we were tasked to detect and warn about”
Two Spanish researcher in their new paper cautioned that just “three natural object have been discovered before colliding the with the earth
It is likely that 2018 LA formed during a huge collision between two or more rocks in the asteroid belt meaning more meteor are on the way


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