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George H.W Bush Died at 94, All you Need to Know about Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush Senior, 41st president of USA, died at Nov.30 at an age of 94!.

bush dies at 94
George Bush with President Barack Obama at the White House in 2013.CreditCreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

Everyone here is a passenger, who came, stayed for a specific period and then moved to final destination; the death. After leading a very successful and influential life, George Bush Senior passed away last night. He was suffering from many conditions, but the cause of death is not announced till now.

Mr. Bush was born in Milton, Mass, on June 12, 1924. On an age of 18, he enrolled himself in Navy and was then the youngest fighter pilot in World War Two. He flew 58 combat missions in the World War 2. He was also awarded distinguished flying cross for bravery in action. His plane was shot near Japan and he was rescued from sea waters after he parachuted there.

As world war two ended, after his valediction to Naval Forces, He moved to Yale University for higher studies. There he met his soulmate Barbara Pierce in 1945 and they tied the knot. They loved each other a lot, that is quite expressive by the fact that Bush died just after 7 months his life partner passed away.
bush with his wife barbara pierce

He along with his family of 6 children, moved to Texas. He entered the oil industry and soon was able to establish his own oil industry. He then entered politics and preferred to join Congress to pursue his political aims and missions. He enjoyed many vital and supreme positions; senator, Ambassador to United Nations, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Chairman of the U.S Liaison office China, and Director of the central intelligence agency.

He was elected as vice president in 1980 and then a sitting vice president in 1988 that helped him, as some people say, in his victory in Presidential elections in an upcoming year. Thus he was president of the USA from 1989-1993. He considered foreign matters with a great keenness and interest. That was a transitional time in the global context.

Fall of Berlin wall and ending up of the Soviet Union have highlighted matters of that time. He sent forces into Panama to topple the country’s authoritarian ruler. Then he created a coalition of 32 nations to recapture Kuwait after it was invaded by Saddam Hussain forces from Iraq.

Bush appointed two supreme court judges. Signed legislation including the Disable Americans Act, Clean Air Act etc. He also negotiated for the North American Free Trade Agreement that was signed by his successor Clinton. He was expected to win 1992 elections due to success in Kuwait against Iraqi forces. But, to his misfortune, he could not give much importance to internal matters of the country and thus the economy was unbalanced. This was the major factor that people elected Bill Clinton, a less famous and with a low-profile politician as their next president.

After his retirement, he led a happy life with his wife at a retirement house which they built for them. He, with his age, fall a prey to Parkinson’s disease. He used a wheelchair for mobilization.

He looked very sad on the day of the funeral of his wife in April 2018 and was also subjected to a blood test on the same day. He left many of his lovers with tears and died last night, on November 30, 2018. It was confirmed by his son George W Bush via a tweet:

bush death tweet


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