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This girl beats Einsten in IQ

An 11-year-old schoolgirl has achieved the highest points in Mensa IQ Test, beating the renowned scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Tara Sharif scored 162 points, the highest score possible and well above the ‘genius benchmark’ of 140. “I was shocked when I got the result. I never expected to get such a good score,” says Tara. Tara took the non-verbal test in Oxford, which involved understanding the meaning of words and answering a set of questions in the prescribed time. Tara hails from Borazjan county in the Southern Iranian Bushehr Province. Her father said that he is extremely proud of her and also surprised at how well she scored. “I knew she is intelligent but such a great success was unexpected to me,” he said. The 11-year-old shared her future plans after acing the Mensa IQ Test. “When I am older, I would like to do something related to mathematics,” she said. Tara is now eligible for the membership of Mensa, which is also known as the ‘high IQ society’.

10 Myths about sleep

Wake up, people: You're fooling yourself about sleep, study says

Robbins and her colleagues combed through 8,000 websites to discover what we thought we knew about healthy sleep habits and then presented those beliefs to a hand-picked team of sleep medicine experts. They determined which were myths and then ranked them by degree of falsehood and importance to health.
Here are 10 very wrong, unhealthy assumptions we often make about sleep, an act in which we spend an estimated third of our lives -- or, if we lived to 100,

1. Adults need five or fewer hours of sleep "If you wanted to have the ability to function at your best during the day, not to be sick, to be mentally strong, to be able to have the lifestyle that you would enjoy, how many hours do you have to sleep?" asked senior study investigator Girardin Jean-Louis, a professor in the Department of Population Health.

2. It's healthy to be able to fall asleep 'anywhere, anytime' Falling asleep as soon as …

UFO sighting: UFO caught flying over busy Berlin airport in dramatic photos - SHOCK claim

AN INCREDIBLE UFO was photographed hovering over Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport in Germany, a prominent UFO expert has shockingly claimed. The supposed alien UFO was seen on March 6 this year over the German capital city. Popular UFO-hunter Scott C Waring said he came across the UFO photos on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The conspiracy theorist, who runs the website UFO Sightings Daily, bizarrely said UFOs have been appearing over airports in great numbers in recent years. He now shared the unusual sighting in a bid to raise awareness of the issue. The alleged UFO photos show a commercial jet flying low over the city of Berlin on a bright and sunny day.

The eyewitness who shared the pictures with MUFON said the pictures were taken from the TV tower in Berlin earlier this month. The eyewitness described a “round object found in the sky” on the left side of the photo. According to Mr Waring, the supposed UFO likely moved out of the aeroplane’s way once discovered. He said: “Here is an…

Scientists reveal all humans able to sense magnetic fields

Scientists believe that humans were once able to sense the Earth's magnetic field and use it for navigation purposes, just like many other living beings do, but eventually lost this skill. They suggest that it's possible to regain that skill once again, possibly with some kind of training.

A group of scientists, including a geophysical biologist, a cognitive neuroscientist and a neuroengineer, has found proof that the human brain is capable of detecting Earth's magnetic field despite previous conflicting results.

The results of their research were published on the website Science Alert. The discovery shows that humans haven't entirely lost the mechanism of orienting themselves using the magnetic field, which many other animals enjoy.

The researchers placed the experiment subjects on a simple chair set up inside a Faraday cage that filters out all outside magnetic fields and then they used the coils installed inside to generate an artificially controlled magnetic field…

Taliban Attack Kills 12 People in Central Afghanistan

At least 12 people were killed on Monday in a Taliban-claimed attack on a military compound in central Afghanistan, officials said, as the insurgents continue to batter the war-torn country's beleaguered security forces. The attack began after a vehicle loaded with explosives rammed into the entrance of a compound in Maidan Shahr — the capital of Wardak province that lies about 50 kilometres south of the capital Kabul. At least three gunmen stormed the base following the explosion, igniting a firefight with Afghan security forces. All three gunmen were later killed in the exchange, according to a provincial official. "So far our reports show 12 have been killed and 20 wounded, most of whom were Afghan security forces," Akhtar Mohammad Taheri — the head of Wardak provincial council — told AFP. "The Taliban used a Humvee vehicle to hit the compound," Taheri added. Provincial health director Mohammad Salim Asgharkhail confirmed the toll. "Some wounded people…

NASA plans to send hot air balloons to detect earthquakes on Venus

Since our neighboring planet Venus has a very hellish atmosphere, studying more about the planet’s internal composition has been a bit difficult. But NASA has new plans to study the planet’s seismic activities through hot air balloons.

Space agency NASA is planning to study Venus’ earthquakes and other internal activities with the help of hot air balloons embedded up special earthquake sensors.

Earlier this month, NASA researchers set off a 50-ton chemical explosion 984ft below the surface of the Mojave desert. This artificial earthquake let NASA to test their special earthquake sensors that hung below the helium-filled balloons that floated hundreds of meters above the desert.

After studying Mars, NASA plans to send flying drones to Venus

NASA is hoping for a similar system for Venus to discover more about its internal structure. Balloons are chosen for this activity because landing up a rover in near to impossible due to Venus’ dense atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide that is so h…

Ice Filled Crater on Mars

The Mars Orbiter Express has found an Ice filled Crater near the Martian North Pole. It looks like a snowy Landscape. The image was taken by ESA( European Space Agency )
Its name is Kerolov Cater and it is 81km long. Korolev Crater was named after Russian Sergei Korolev who is renowned as the father of Soviet space technologies. Ice mostly is frozen co2 and water. Mars express was sent in 2003.

Turkey sends reinforcements to Syrian border

Despite plans to delay crossborder military operation on YPG forces, Ankara sends more armoured vehicles to its border.
Turkey is sending reinforcements to its border with
Syria, Turkish media reported on Sunday, adding that some 100 vehicles, including mounted pick-up trucks and weaponry, had made their way to the area.

The heightened military activity comes days after President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would postpone a planned military operation on the armed Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) group in northern Syria, after the United States's surprise announcement to withdraw its troops from Syria.

US government partially shuts down over border wall row

A partial US government shutdown has taken effect after US lawmakers failed to break a budget impasse.

President Donald Trump, who has to sign off on any deal, is insisting at least $5bn (£4bn) be included for his long-promised wall along the Mexican border.

In the absence of a deal, funding for about a quarter of US federal agencies lapsed at midnight (05:00GMT Saturday).

Both the House and Senate are set to be back in session at noon on Saturday (17:00GMT) to try to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, nine of 15 federal departments, including State, Homeland Security, Transportation, Agriculture and Justice are now partially shutting down.

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees will have to work unpaid or be put on temporary leave. This is the third time US federal funding has lapsed so far this year, although the other two were brief.SOURCE

Bumblebee’s Opening Scene Is What Transformers Fans Have Always Wanted

Since the debut of the Transformers live-action franchise in 2007, each of the five films has enjoyed a degree of commercial success, with 2011's Dark of the Moon earning a series-high $1.123 billion worldwide, and last year's The Last Knight marking the low point, with $605.4 million. Yet, despite their blockbuster status, the films have been criticized by longtime fans for straying far away from the source material: the 1980s toy line and animated series.

The original cartoon focused primarily on the Autobots and the Decepticons waging an unending war, but the live-action films used that conflict more as a backdrop for the adventures of human characters. While that may also be true of Bumblebee, the latest installment of the franchise opts for a different approach. Not only does it offer some much-needed character development for everyone's favorite yellow Beetle, it also features the live-action debut of something Transformers fans have longed to see: the war for Cyber…

Egyptian CURSE? Six archaeologists DIE mysteriously within MONTHS of opening sarcophagus

The curse of the pharaohs is an alleged spell said to be cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of a powerful Egyptian. This curse, which apparently does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, is said to cause bad luck, illness or even death. Since the mid-20th century, many historians have even argued the curse is real, due to the unexplainable circumstances that occur after the ancient coffin.
For many years, pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings on the banks of the River Nile in Egypt, with 64 tombs already opened.

However, Netflix documentary series "Top 10 Secrets and Mysteries" series revealed how one discovery left researchers both baffled and terrified.

“The famous tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922,” the 2017 documentary detailed.

“Soon after the discovery, mysterious deaths were reported among the team of archaeologists who found the tomb.

“The deaths were ascribed to a curse cast by the pharaohs to ward off grave-robbers.


Underwater volcano full of MUTANT sharks could BLOW any second

RARE mutant breeds of shark have been discovered lurking inside an underwater volcano spewing acid that could explode at any moment.
Stunned marine experts from National Geographic found the hammerhead sharks and rays drifting in Kavachi, an active volcano off the coast of New Guinea. The volcano last erupted in 2014 so the crew were shocked to find not just life but large carnivores circling its turbulent base. Ocean engineer Brennan Phillips told National Geographic: "The idea of there being large animals like sharks hanging out and living inside the caldera of this volcano conflicts with what we know about Kavachi, which is that it erupts.

“But when it’s erupting there’s no way anything could live in there.

“So to see larger animals like this that are living and could potentially die at any moment brings up lots of questions.

“Do they leave?

“Do they have some sort of sign that it’s about to erupt?
"That’s what makes discovering these animals down inside the volcano so …

Arab countries discuss 'Australia situation' after recognition of West Jerusalem

Australia’s recognition of West Jerusalem as capital of Israel put on agenda of meeting at request of Palestinians.

Representatives of Arab countries will meet in Cairo tomorrow to discuss the decision of the Australian government to recognise West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Izzat Salah Abdulhadi, the head of the Palestinian delegation to Australia, said that “the Australia situation” had been added to the agenda of the meeting at the request of the Palestinians.

“We will wait to see the discussion,” said Abdulhadi, but added “for sure it will be condemnation.”

Last week Palestinian leaders lobbied Arab and other Muslim states to drop Australian exports and withdraw their ambassadors from Canberra in the event of an embassy move to Jerusalem.

The government has delayed the more controversial embassy relocation, an idea that was first raised in October during the Wentworth byelection, in a move that was seen as an attempt to win over Jewish voters. Instead it will establish a…

Egypt SHOCK: Architect had meeting with ancient pyramid designer – it's not what you think

A GREAT Pyramid expert was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with the man who designed and built the greatest pyramid of all time.
At the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the treasures of the pharaohs are on display. Millions of pieces chronicle the prestigious history of one of humanity’s most brilliant civilisations. But, paradoxically only has two elements are directly linked to the Great Pyramid.

Architect and Great Pyramid expert, Jean-Pierre Houdin was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with the man who designed and built the greatest pyramid of all time.

In Amazon Prime’s “The Khufu Pyramid Revealed”, the documentary shows Jean-Pierre meeting face-to-face with the iconic statuette.

Ironically, it is the only image of Khufu that has survived is just a few centimetres tall, a minuscule ivory figurine discovered by chance in a temple in 1903.
The little seated figure is the only three dimensional depiction of Khufu which survives largely intact, though there ar…

Mysterious Object Appears in Live ISS Feed.

Is NASA hiding something?

LIVE ISS feed went offline for a while and a mysterious object appears in its camera and this led fuel to fire to wide range conspiracy that NASA lies.

Though I personally don't believe NASA could lie. But some people have accused NASA of lying. The mysterious object appeared before the live feed was interrupted and NASA showed Please Stand By to viewers.

The object was bright blue, behind the solar panels of ISS.
Was that UFO? or space ICE or Alien Spaceship?

The video was uploaded to Youtube.
here are few comments from users; "NASA is lying."
''That was a weird looking blob next to the space station?”

"If the European Space Agency can manage to film beautiful, ultra-high-def footage of things outside the space station, why can't NASA?"
One person added it may be “a drop of water in zero gravity".

Scientists are able to shrink objects

For the first time, researchers have produced nano-objects by shrinking. First, they assembled 3D objects in a special hydrogel, then an acid caused the gel and its contents to shrink. The 3D design thus became an object ten to a thousand times smaller - without distortions or defects. The big advantage: this "implosion fabrication" method is feasible with conventional technology and enables completely new nanoconstructs, as the researchers report in the specialist journal "Science".

Team invents a method to shrink objects to the nanoscale
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a method that, for the first time, produces detailed 3D objects on a nanoscale - by shrinking. To do this, they first position the components of the object in a larger pre-variant. Then they shrink the whole thing and create the desired object in nano format.

This so-called "implosion fabrication" is made possible by a special hydrogel made o…

NASA successfully tests Orion Launch Abort System

The Orion spacecraft completed a successful cold weather ground test of a launch abort system, aerospace giant Northrop Grumman said in a press release.

"Today’s test firing of the Northrop Grumman-manufactured launch abort motor in Promontory, Utah, confirmed the motor can activate within milliseconds and will perform as designed under cold temperatures," the release said on Thursday. "We never expect the launch abort motor to be used, but just like an ejection seat in a fighter pilot's aircraft, if they need it, it needs to work every time."

In Thursday's test, NASA's abort motor for the Orion spacecraft fired for five seconds, with exhaust flames about 100 feet high, the release said. The motor achieved approximately 350,000 pounds of thrust in one-eighth of a second, as expected, the release said.

In October, a Russian launch abort system saved NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin when the rocket carrying their Soyuz spa…

Facebook reveals bug exposed 6.8 million users' photos

Facebook announced on Friday that the social network had exposed the private photos of millions of users without their permission.

The company said a bug recently allowed third-party app developers to access photos people may not have shared publicly. Facebook believes as many as 6.8 million users could be affected.
The Irish Data Protection Commission, the body that oversees Facebook's compliance with European regulations, said on Friday that it had launched a "statutory inquiry" into Facebook as a result of multiple breaches the company had informed them about this year.
Photos that users started to upload to Facebook but did not post could have been accessed, along with images posted to Facebook Stories, Tomer Bar, an engineering director at Facebook, wrote in a blog post.
"We're sorry this happened," he added.

2400 years old Shipwreck discovered in Black Sea

Archaeologists say the 2,400-year-old ship is so well preserved that even the mast and rowers' benches have survived for millennia.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE HERALDING the discovery of an unusually intact ancient shipwreck, found more than a mile below the surface of the Black Sea off of the Bulgarian coast. The 2,400-year-old wooden vessel features elements of ship construction, including the mast and rowing benches, that until now have not been preserved on ships of this age.

An announcement of the discovery, made by the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (MAP), first appeared in the Guardian. MAP has discovered more than 60 historic shipwrecks during a three-year survey of the Black Sea.

The 75-foot-long ship, documented by a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) equipped with cameras, appears similar to merchant vessels depicted on ancient Greek vases. A small piece of the wreck was raised and radiocarbon dated to around the fifth century B.C., a time when Greek city-states were frequen…

Russian Spy Maria Butina Pleads Guilty in US Court

Russian officials say Moscow will continue to support a Russian woman in custody in the United States who has pleaded guilty to acting as a covert agent of the Russian government, even though it rejects that claim.

Maria Butina on Thursday pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge for trying to infiltrate conservative political groups in the U.S., as part of a deal with federal prosecutors.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian news agencies on Friday that he "understands" why Butina pleaded guilty, quoting what he described as "torturous" prison conditions.

Lavrov reiterated Moscow's commitment to support Butina, who has been in jail since July, and said Russia would do it best to help her come home.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated on Friday that the Kremlin considers all U.S. allegations against Butina "absolutely groundless."

Butina pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of conspiracy at the U.S. D…