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Underwater graves in Russia

Have You ever heard of the 'Atlantis' The Lost City Under Water?.

Archeologists have discovered a city buried under water in Russia. They are naming it The Russian Atlantis.
As the water level went down the Archeologist were able to dig into the underwater graves. These were built during Bronze age in the ERA of chengeiz Khan.
These are the graves of the rich people buried some two thousand years ago at the time of Hun Civilization.
Scientist have just a month to examine the as the water level will rise again after the summer.
 Two mummies were found in the graves loaded with treasures.On is called Sleeping Beauty dressed in Silk which is meant for afterlife.
it is supposed she was priestess in her time.
This place is situated in the mounstains of RUVA REPUBLIC SOUTHERN ,SIBERIA, a favorite destination for Vladimir Putin.
Other burial from bronze age are also located here. Scientists says this is a place for scientific sensation.
Dr Marin said “We are incredibly lucky to have…

MH370 news: How expert revealed key detail that 'narrows search for jet's hijacker'

A report published this week by The Atlantic highlighted new evidence related to the plane’s captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who some believe was responsible for hijacking the plane. The article claimed Mr Shah experimented with a similar flight to that of MH370 on his flight simulator and that he had been struggling with mental health issues. However, the official investigation into MH370 did not find any decisive evidence that Mr Shah was responsible. That said, one key detail does narrow the search for the plane’s hijacker. According to Channel 5 documentary ‘Flight MH370’, there is significant evidence that the person in control of the plane is knowledgeable about the flight controls and areas of air traffic control. The narrator said: “After MH370 closes contact, it seems clear there is someone at the controls. The way it is flying suggestions someone highly qualified with considerable experience. “Experts argue they are in a hurry.” For example, the presumed hijacker turned off th…

Yeti in India by Indian Army

Yeti footprints: Indian army tweets bizarre 'elusive snowman' discovery in Himalayas YETI footprints have been sighted, the Indian army has announced on Twitter, triggering an avalanche of ridicule across the social media site.
The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot, is said to be an enormous ape-like creature inhabiting the Himalayan mountains. Humans have for centuries been searching for the Yeti with no luck. So social media was was caught off-guard when the Indian Army tweeted claims to have unearthed evidence of the mythical Himalayan monster.
The verified Twitter account of the Indian Army’s Additional Directorate General of Public Information uploaded photos of what it claimed were Yeti tracks in the snow. An Indian Army mountaineering expedition team has sighted mysterious footprints of mythical beast Yeti Indian Army's Additional Directorate General of Public Information The post read: “For the first time, an Indian Army mountaineering expediti…

Fire breathing Mountains in Turkey

A so-called "eternal flame" flickers out of a crack in the Earth at Turkey's Yanartas National Park. Recent studies attribute flames like these to the mysterious production of deep-Earth methane without organic matter.
Credit: efesenko/Getty Images Plus
Nine out of 10 scientists agree, mountains should not breathe fire. Despite this, a mountain in southern Turkey has been spewing flames steadily for at least 2,000 years.

There be no dragons or magic to blame for the fire belching forth from the so-called Chimaera seep (also known as the Flames of Chimaera) — but, according to an article published in The New York Times, there may be a just-as-baffling geologic phenomenon fueling the flames.

According to a study in the March 2019 issue of the journal Applied Geochemistry, the Flames of Chimaera are fueled by an underground seep of methane (CH4) — but not the garden-variety sort that's produced when organic matter decays underground, mixes with hydrogen and makes Arcti…

UFO sighting: UFO caught flying over busy Berlin airport in dramatic photos - SHOCK claim

AN INCREDIBLE UFO was photographed hovering over Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport in Germany, a prominent UFO expert has shockingly claimed. The supposed alien UFO was seen on March 6 this year over the German capital city. Popular UFO-hunter Scott C Waring said he came across the UFO photos on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The conspiracy theorist, who runs the website UFO Sightings Daily, bizarrely said UFOs have been appearing over airports in great numbers in recent years. He now shared the unusual sighting in a bid to raise awareness of the issue. The alleged UFO photos show a commercial jet flying low over the city of Berlin on a bright and sunny day.

The eyewitness who shared the pictures with MUFON said the pictures were taken from the TV tower in Berlin earlier this month. The eyewitness described a “round object found in the sky” on the left side of the photo. According to Mr Waring, the supposed UFO likely moved out of the aeroplane’s way once discovered. He said: “Here is an…

NASA's Chandra Space Telescopes went into safe mode

In less than a week after the failure of Hubble Space Telescope, NASA's Chandra Telescope also went into safe mode probably because of gyroscope problem.
Is it just a coincidental or something really strange happening there?
NASA reported on Friday that its Chandra Telescope automatically went into safe mood on Wednesday.
Hubble is sending data for 28 years while Chandra X-ray Observatory is on a mission for the last 19 years to observe cosmos in different wavelengths and send data back to Earth. Flight controllers are working to continue operation as soon as possible.
NASA said it is coincidental that both Telescopes went into sleep mode one after a week another.
Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, works for Chandra, from Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said in a tweet  Chandra decided that if Hubble could have a little vacation, it wanted one, too  Sent into space by shuttles,  Hubble and Chandra are NASA's precious gifts. Both intended to observe the cosmos and work…

Mysterious Signal from Alien Galaxies

An observatory in Australia has detected has detected a huge number of mysterious signals from deep space.

These signals are confirmed to be ''Fast Radio Burst'' which may be coming from an Advanced Alien civilization which is trying to connect with other species in Universe, Or these may be coming from black holes or blasts from the deep space.

About 19 FRBs were detected and they were closest to Earth and brightest ever. The first FRB was detected in 2007.

FRBs are brief about a millisecond long emission of radio light which can contain as much energy as our sun produces in 100 years.

The source of such radio emissions is a topic of debate. Few researchers believe they may be coming from advance aliens species trying to contact with other species in the universe. Other believe such signals come from huge blasts in deep space such as neutron star collision.

Dr. Ryan Shannon, from Swinburne University of Technology and the OzGrav ARC Centre of Excellence said
“We’ve f…

Soyuz Rocket Carrying Astronauts Malfunctioned

A Russian made Soyuz MS-10 rocket was carrying two astronauts to the international space station. But after few minutes of departure, there happened some anomaly and emergency landing had to be done.

The Soyuz rocket and Soyuz MS-10 capsule lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan in the morning of 1Octoberer,  carrying a crew of two astronauts Nick Hague of the US and cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin of Russia.

An emergency pod safely sent astronauts to back Earth and Russian team is in search to find them. The capsule fell 20 kilometers east of Dzhekzkazgan.NASA reportedly said that the astronauts have been secured and yet they haven't figured out the malfunctioning in Soyuz rocket.

NASA is providing live commentary on NASA live TV which you can watch here

NASA has also confirmed that the Russian Space Agency ROSCOSMOS has already created the commission to find out the anomaly.

This launch failure follows another issue of Soyuz when a small leak on oxygen container which led de…

The Mystery of ISS leak

A leak was found on Russian made Soyuz MS-09 Spacecraft on International Space Station by Astronauts which caused loss of oxygen on 30 Aug. First, it was thought it was due to a Meteorite hit to ISS but Russia rejected saying this leak was man-made.

Recently NASA's head Jim Bridenstine said that investigations will be done soon to determine the cause of leak to ISS which caused a brief deficiency of Oxygen to astronauts there. He also rejected the rumor that the U.S is trying to pull back Russia from ISS.

He further added;
"I strongly believe we're going to get the right answer to what caused the hole on the International Space Station and that together we'll be able to continue our strong collaboration,What we've got to do is we've got to very dispassionately allow the investigation to go forward without speculation, without rumor, without innuendo, without conspiracy." Russian agency said they will not accept any mythical reason until solid proof given…

Cold Weather Warning

The sun has currently entered a “deep star minimum” currently and Earth might be certain a really long amount of cold temperatures.

The sun follows cycles of roughly eleven years wherever it reaches a star most so a star minimum.

During a star most, the sun offers off additional heat and is affected by sunspots. Less heat in an exceeding star minimum is because of a decrease in magnetic waves.

Scientists are adamant we have a tendency to are currently coming into the star minimum as a part of the sun’s atmosphere is shrinking.

This happens on every occasion the sun changes cycle – once it enters a star minimum, the layer contracts, and through a star most it expands to grant higher protection against star rays.

Website area Weather states: “The sun is coming into a deep star Minimum, and Earth's higher atmosphere is responding.

“Data from NASA's regular satellite show that the layer (the upmost layer of air around our planet) is cooling and shrinking, virtually decreasing the…

Alien Sign found On Earth?

Researchers from university, New York, believe uncountable years of evolution on Earth will facilitate notice life on alien worlds.

By wanting back at over five hundred million years of the Earth’s plant-life history, we tend to might higher perceive distant livable  exoplanets.

The emergence of flora on Earth was an important part within the processes that reworked the rocky planet into one wherever life may thrive.

The same processes on exoplanets might be equally chargeable for harboring and sustaining alien life.

The key to the current is that the alleged “vegetation red edge” – a method by that a inexperienced planet reflects high amounts of infrared emission.

Lisa Kaltenegger, Associate in Nursing uranologist United Nations agency co-authored a study on the subject, aforementioned Earth’s history of vegetation is that the best example of this.

The professional said: “Looking at however life altered Earth’s biosignatures over time helps United States of America decipher that pla…

Time Traveller from 2028 gives warning

In a video broadcast on the YouTube channel Paranormal Elite, Noah –who failed to disclose his cognomen – claims that he risked his life to travel back in time to warn those who the technology exists.

The so-call time individual said: “I am not making an attempt to deceive anyone, my sole objective is to sway you that point travel exists which I, myself, am a time individual.

“First of all, time travel became attainable within the year 2003, it's solely employed by classified organizations. the flexibility to time travel won't be discharged to the general public till 2028.”

Noah claims that owing to his years of your time travel, he's full of eating disorder and depression.

The same that he has taken medicine to bring back his immature appearance, however, insists that he's fifty years-of-age.
Noah added: “In 2028, the organizations can admit that point travel is real so it'll be receptive the general public.

“In 2021, there'll be a very well-liked device, nea…

End Of The World And Return Of Jesus

The end of the planet is ready to start in 2021 and can culminate within the come back of Hebrew by 2028, in line with a deceased pastor who foretold the apocalypse.

Dr. F Kenton Beshore, former president of the planet Bible Society, World Health Organization died in 2016, left behind a series of books during which he foretold the upcoming come back of Christ.

The late theologist claims there have been signs throughout the Bible that purpose to the approaching apocalypse.

For example, he believes that 2 world wars among a century and also the birth of Israel were the start of the top.
In his book ‘When: once can the Rapture Take Place?’, the theologist writes: "The parable of the tree could be a prophecy of the rebirth of the state of Israel.”

He explains: "The Greek phrase 'panta tauta' that's translated 'all these things' refers to the start of birth pains (Matthew 24:8).

“Jesus was spoken language, in effect, that after you see the birth pains – war I…

Alien Skull Found on Mars

Skull which may belong to Aliens was found on Mars by UFO hunters. They also believe this belonged to ''Martian Male Warrior''. This is not the first time such object was found on Mars. The photo was posted by UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY. However, NASA rejected the claim the rock is just a meteorite impact crater that has been left in the unusual form by later erosion.  Skull has an antenna on it. This odd impression like eyes may have been formed by wind.
Or it just what our mind want to see.

Pyramid On Moon

UFO hunters gave a shocking claim about finding a Pyramid like object on Moon.
They believed this is a secret alien base on the lunar surface.
The video was uploaded and got many views.
The coordinates of the Pyramid like a triangle on Moon are 20 ° 48'45.54 "N 25 ° 59'50.89" W.
Many believed NASA is hiding this.
Video Link:
pyramid on Moon Video

Alien Like Jellyfish in Auckland

An Alien Like Creature was found by a Britsh visitor in Auckland. After inspection, it was found that it is Lion's Mane Jellyfish rare of its type.

Adam was visiting with his wife and kids. They eventually found this rare species. He said he never saw such in last nine years of his experience.

They are usually found in English Sea, Irish Sea, Scandinavia.

It is the first time that they had been found in Auckland, Experts say.

Its tentacles can stretch to 100ft in water.

It stings are rarely fatal, however, if someone is exposed to a large number of tentacles he must seek medical advice.

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Triangle Shaped UFO or TR-3 Black Manta?

The Mysterious Triangle Shaped UFO was Captured accidentally by a person traveling in his car.

The anonymous supply was driving once he noticed one thing uncommon within the skies on top of El Paso, Texas. He forces out his phone to record, and once he checked it out later he was left surprised by the footage. It shows what seems to be a triangular-shaped craft hovering on top of him.
This is thought to be the best UFO video ever.

Many people believe this was the secret TR-3 Black Manta by US Military on the secret surveillance mission. This video has already earned many hits on Youtube.

12000 Year Old Tunnel between Turkey and Scotland

There are many Underground Tunnels stretching across Europe but these 12000 years old Underground Tunnels are ancient mysteries which suggest ancient people were far more advanced than we are and had more knowledge.

Ancient People from Europe Started migrating to other places 12000 years ago.No one knows how these tunnels were made like do those people had such huge machinery like we use today to dig tunnels or make huge buildings?. like the ancient people did make these tunnels, Pyramids, Stonehenge and many other glorious works of those people.

Researchers say the purpose of these tunnels was same to modern day highways . These tunnels were the faster way of communicating between cities.

These Tunnels were made in Zig-Zag manner to avoid breaking pressure of Earth.

For more reading about these Tunnels Go to This Link:

Tore zur Unterwelt (German) Hardcover – 2009

Tore zur Unterwelt2009

Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

Our Universe is Full of mind-blowing facts. There are a lot of mysteries out there which our mind cannot bear to accept. Here is a list of few mind-blowing amazing facts about the universe.know to watch the video, please

50000 years old wolf remains found in Canada

Oldest Animal Body It was found during digging in Canada and was sent to Paleontologists for study in 2016.

Now they have finally announced this animal remain is 50000 years old wolf mummy and

preserved by weather condition. It had intact fur and muscle tissue.